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We help entrepreneurs throughout the UK develop successful businesses, across every sector, to achieve the targets they desire.

Our programme is bespoke for each individual client, providing the specific support you need in order to help your project thrive. Whether it’s help with a sales strategy and skills, or specialised support within a specific sector, we’re here to help.

When I got to know the team more, I knew that they are the ones that will help to make my dream come true

What We Do

  • Enable

    We set targets to help your business be innovative & successful

  • Support

    We provide you with the business support you need, when you need it

  • Build

    Our community of entrepreneurs help each other succeed

Our Programmes

Many people will suggest that innovation is about ideas, or to be more precise the exploitation of ideas. While this is technically correct, how are these ideas generated and exploited? The answer is simple – through your people. This is enabled by the provision of training to help them make best use of their knowledge, experience and creativity.

  • Startup+

    Ideal for Start Up UK entrepreneurs starting their first business who need time and support to develop the venture

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  • Graduator+

    Developed specifically for UK graduates who are looking to start the first business out of University

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  • InnovatorPro

    A support programme for established UK businesses who wish to elevate their business nationally and internationally

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Who are Geminus Innovation

  • A team of highly experienced business and innovation specialists

  • Experienced in managing business support programmes across the UK

  • Developing and delivering support programmes to every business sector

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Geminus Stories

The invaluable experience gained by joining their SuccessGPS program has instilled a strong self-belief that the path we have chosen is going to be successful
Lubna, ESL Digital
  • Tamara
    Tamara's Patisserie
  • Justin
    The Reed Aircraft Company
  • Julia
    JB Art Gallery

Where Innovators
Come Together

Our community brings together the vast experience of entrepreneurs in every type of business, across the UK

Our Community

Application Process

We recognise that every person and every plan is individual. We assess your application against 10 criteria points using our Business Maturity Matrix©

  • Submit an Exec Sum
    / Pitch Deck
  • Submit your full
    business plan
  • Proposals and
    Contracts agreed
  • Join the Geminus
    road to success

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